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Drug Intervention, Alcohol Intervention

San Diego Teen Drug And Alcohol Addiction Intervention Specialists

Over 20 years of knowledge staging interventions for alcohol dependency, drug addiction, substance abuse, behavioral problems and mental health disorders. Speak with an experienced San Diego intervention specialist today! Calls are confidential: 800-980-3927

If you are unable to convince someone you care about or feel like you are losing them to a drug and/or alcohol addiction problem, San Diego Intervention Specialist Carmine Thompson and his Treatment Team can help.

There are effective ways to engage those who are suffering. Intervention Allies facilitates and coaches others on how to successfully plan, stage and perform alcohol, substance abuse, drug addiction, eating disorder and mental health disorder interventions.

Their evidence based intervention model includes developing strategies, solutions, treatment options, rehab suggestions, counseling and assistance through all phases of a person’s recovery.

Intervention Specialist Carmine Thompson has a 98% success rate. He is clearly one of the most skillful interventionists in this country. He and his treatment team have been helping families for over 20 years. The techniques they’ve developed for alcohol, drug addiction, mental disorders and behavioral health interventions have improved current methods used throughout the industry today. Their expertise has significantly reduced further damage from occurring to already strained relationships, while substantially increasing the odds of getting those suffering from destructive behaviors successfully into treatment programs and rehab centers.

It is Carmine Thompson’s philosophy that when someone is suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction and/or a mental health disorder, wisdom compels us to take proactive measures to help them before something inevitably worse happens.

Begin the healing process today and let us provide you with a free confidential consultation online or by calling: 800-980-3927

Overcoming Opposition

If someone you care about is telling you no, I won’t go to treatment, I don’t need help, the problem isn’t that bad – or acknowledges they need help, but doesn’t follow up on getting it – you are in the right place. Without competent assistance, dealing with destructive behaviors can leave families discouraged or convinced that nothing can be done. Fortunately, these are the exact type of difficulties we are trained to deal with when encountering addiction and mental illness. In fact, every family seeking our assistance has told us they were met with either resistance, excuses, denial or minimization when they approached their loved one with getting help. Meanwhile, more than 98% of these same families were later told by their loved one, “okay, I’m willing to go to treatment” after allowing us to facilitate their intervention.

An Intelligent San Diego Intervention Approach

By focusing our attention on interrupting the powerful hold taking place within the limbic system (complex area of the brain that supports a variety of functions; including emotion, behavior, motivation and long-term memory), we specifically address what’s preventing someone from accepting professional care. Our experienced Intervention Specialists are adept at pinpointing the blocks, breaking through denial and systematically dealing with the irrational thinking that affects a person’s decision making abilities.

Initiating A San Diego Intervention

When a person’s thoughts and decision making abilities are impaired, wisdom compels us to take proactive measures – despite their resistance or implausible excuses about receiving help. The harm being caused to their brain’s structure, along with other risk-factors may one day have irreparable repercussions, so doing nothing is not the answer.

Professional San Diego Recovery Support

We know from our own personal accounts how distressing it is for families to watch their loved one struggle with addiction and/or a mental disorder. We also know how debilitating it is to be the one consumed by a chronic illness. This insightful vantage point has allowed us to truly understand the pain, suffering and desperation each side undergoes. It is also why we maintain training standards above occupational requirements and our success rate exceeds our peers.

How It Works

Prior to staging an intervention, we meet with the intervention participants and provide them with clear instructions on what to say and do. Any foreseeable errors or distractions are carefully examined during this pre-intervention or dress rehearsal meeting. After our strategy is formulated, we then meet with your loved one and present them with a dignified solution to treating their medical condition.

Getting Started

In our initial phone interview, we will discuss relevant issues in order to do a thorough evaluation. Once a comprehensive profile is factored in, a strategy will be developed that is tailored around your loved one’s particular situation. Cost, logistics, time frame and any other questions or concerns you have will also be answered.

Necessary Measures

Crisis situations are extremely stressful for the inflicted individual and those closest to them. If someone you care about needs help, take the next step… Move forward – because without change – it will not get better.

Begin the healing process today and let us provide you with a free confidential consultation online or by calling: 800-980-3927

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Alcohol Intervention Drug Addiction Intervention Meantal Health Inervention Help

San Diego Mental Health/Substance Abuse Support

Recovery support systems for mental health, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, dual diagnosis, compulsive disorders and behavioral health conditions. If you or someone you love is in need of recovery support, please call us and learn how our sober companions, recovery coaches and intervention services can offer much needed guidance.

Whether a person is transitioning to a lower level of care, currently needs stabilization, is facing challenges in their life or is struggling to gain a secure foothold in recovery, our sober companions, recovery coaches, intervention and case management services can immediately assist you.

Speak With A Recovery Support Specialist Today At: 800-980-3927

San Diego Mental Health/Substance Abuse Recovery Support Companions & Coaches

For someone currently living at home, in a dorm, sober living, attending an outpatient program, in school or working, a sober companion or recovery coach is an invaluable investment.  Our highly skilled companions and coaches help shoulder a client’s recovery needs and achieve progress in all areas of their life. Having worked with people from various walks of life and conditions, we are just as comfortable assisting an executive who needs a sober companion, teen with behavioral problems, college student struggling, someone leaving a psychiatric hospital or anyone getting ready to discharge from an inpatient treatment program.

San Diego Discharge Planning For Mental Health/Substance Use Disorders

For those discharging from psychiatric hospitals, treatment centers, detox facilities or currently residing in a sober living home, a recovery support system further meets the needs of those with addiction, depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, eating disorders and many other mental health and behavioral health concerns. Working alongside clinicians, health care professionals and other treatment team members, our dedicated companions and coaches are instrumental in getting clients to appointments, meetings, remain medication compliant, engage in healthy activities, organize their schedule, reduce risky behaviors, live a substance abuse free lifestyle, adhere to their recovery plan, objectives and goals.

San Diego Necessary Recovery Assistance For Mental Health/Substance Use Disorders

Despite the best of intentions many families or someone new to recovery may have, trying to manage the critical types of care and support measures required that produce successful results can be overwhelming to navigate. Those affected with substance use disorders, mental health and behavioral health conditions experience many challenges that can cause setbacks, relapse, despair and hopelessness. We understand the types of triggers and stressors a newly sober person or someone in early recovery may encounter.  Experiencing recovery alone or without competent assistance can be daunting and potentially sets a person up for failure, frustration and isolation.

The individualized care and attention given each client we are entrusted to serve is unmatched.  If we don’t go above and beyond, then we haven’t done our job.  Thank you for reviewing our site. We look forward to hearing from you.

For More Information On Our Areas Of Assistance, Please Call Us At: 800-980-3927
Drug Intervention, Alcohol Intervention

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Types Of San Diego Interventions We Perform

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