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Carmine Thompson is a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP) and Certified Addiction Counselor (CAC) who specializes in alcohol problems, substance abuse, drug addiction, mental disorders and eating disorder interventions. He is the founder of Intervention Allies, a well respected nationwide provider of Intervention Services, Case Management and Sober Companion Assistance.

He is adept at systematically developing treatment strategies for intervening on those afflicted with chronic illnesses, destructive behaviors and process addictions. His intuitive approach and breakthrough techniques have been instrumental in redirecting the lives of thousands.

The developments he’s made in the field of intervention have increased the odds of success, along with reducing the potential of inflicting further damage to already strained relationships. He is called upon by attorneys, doctors, therapists, employers, families, friends and health care providers across the country to help steer resistant people into treatment.

He also provides recommendations on addiction treatment, harm reduction, conditional releases and alternative means of sentencing to Good Morning America’s long-time legal analyst, Dana M. Cole.

What Drives Me To This Day

My brother called me from Florida. He just moved there from NY. He sounded crazed and incensed.

I thought, “how unfortunate, he must be loaded again.” I was busy at work and not in the mood to hear his psychobabble nonsense.

I couldn’t wait to rush him off the phone and say goodbye. During our brief conversation, he told me he was going to Jamaica.

He did so the next day.  I received another call.  This one was from the Jamaican authorities telling me he was dead.

He overdosed his first night on the island. I am crying now…

I wish I had listened and done more to help Tommy.  He was sick and asking for help in a language that addicts often do, which isn’t easily understood.

I have since learned that language firsthand. It is used to make a difference in the lives of those suffering from addiction and mental health problems.

My hope is that others won’t have to experience this same loss.  I am here to help in any way possible.

Carmine Thompson, CAC, CIP
Founder, Intervention Specialist


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