Jan 302015

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Hi Carmine,

So sorry for the delay in getting back to you.We would be honored to used as a reference and likewise would be more then happy to speak to anyone who is contemplating using your services. Please feel free to share our contact info with anyone who you believe would benefit from speaking to us.

I would highly recommend Carmine Thompson and Intervention Allies to anyone who has a loved one in need of help. When we reached out to Carmine 2 days before New Years to help our 20 yrs old son we knew right away that we had a very special person who was extremely committed….The holidays were apparently of little consequence as we all put our heads together to deal with the crisis at hand. The entire plan was put together in 2 days and 2 days later the intervention itself successfully took place.

What struck me was the level of planning and attention to detail that Carmine displayed in orchestrating the entire event, nothing was left to chance. He met with the intervention group (7 of us in total) for 3-4 hours the night before the intervention and everything down to the very last detail was planned (who sat where, who said what when, etc).

As a recovering addict myself with almost 16 years of sobriety I can honestly say that I truly believe Carmine has the tools to get even the most stubborn person into rehab.

Please don’t hesitate to give me a call one of these days!

Frank S.

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