Jun 272013


I can’t tell you how much we appreciate everything you did to help us get our Son into treatment. We were completely lost and had no idea what direction we needed to go to get him there… no way to really figure out what treatment facility would provide the best opportunity for success, or how to present our case to him. Your guidance and recommendations after hearing his story and assessing your network of treatment facility options was invaluable. When we got the list of the only facilities that his insurance would contribute to his treatment in, we were so discouraged. There did not appear to be a good fit among them. Your communication with our preferred facility (unfortunately not on the insurance company’s list of network providers) resulted in our ability to get a bed reserved in what we all believe to be the right place! Your experience and compassion during our preparation meeting was invaluable, and enabled us to be prepared (as best one can be) for the next morning. I’m happy to say that the intervention itself went far more quickly than any of us had hoped, and we had a little trepidation when it was a done deal in 15 minutes. Thankfully, it appears that your drive with him to the facility reinforced all the right things, and he’s making the first steps to recovery! Thank you so very much for helping us give him the tools to save his life! It’s up to him now!

Most Sincerely,

Doug T.
San Diego

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